Trinity College Class Poem - Class of 1967

by   Jess H. Brewer


A sodden mind sheds soggy morals
  off its duck's-back basis of belief.
Squatting now upon its laurels
  years of yearning learning get relief.
An open mind is fertile earth,
  ideas raining down on it at length;
like land, it drinks when near its birth
  with gusto, turning moisture into strength.
The Summer mind's ideas flower,
  flourish with the rains, until at last
its fruits and foliage - wisdom's power -
  are harvested, and the day of youth is past.
Now Autumn minds grow brown of leaf
  and rains erode the sated Autumn earth.
The spare supply of wet belief
  is wasted. Lack of want destroys its worth.
Yet know that though the ground will freeze
  and snows of dullness cover Summer's green,
yet ice will melt with the first warm breeze;
  and somewhere there are always evergreens.

Jess H. Brewer
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