µSR in Cryocrystals

Herein are collected the Web versions of several talks my colleagues and I have given on the subject of µSR in Cryocrystals. I apologize for the poor quality of some of the figures, but there ought to be some motivation for actually attending one of these lectures in person, eh?

There is a natural tendency for the more recent of these talks to be (a) more up to date and (b) still on this server. [I don't spend too much effort maintaining the obsolete; what it there is mainly for historical interest.]

Talk Venue Date Speaker
Physics Colloquium Univ. of BC Oct. 1994 Jess H. Brewer
Invited talk Las Vegas ACS Meeting Sept. 1997 Gerald D. Morris
Physics Colloquium Virginia State Univ. 21 Nov. 1997 Jess H. Brewer
Physics Colloquium Columbia Univ. 5 Dec. 1997 Jess H. Brewer
Invited talk on
Delayed Muonium Formation
µSR2002 Conference 2 June 2002 Jess H. Brewer

Jess H. Brewer
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