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Do you have a great idea that you think belongs in this database? Is it accurate, accessible and appropriate? Are you sure it is original, or at least not copyrighted or patented? Have you already written it out carefully and thoughtfully in a Web-accessible URL? Then by all means fill in the form provided and you will probably see it immortalised here!

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Would you like to comment on the idea currently displayed in the main Free Ideas frame? We need your feedback!

You can just rate the idea if you like, or you can suggest improvements; in the latter case your comments may be added to the database and immortalised along with the original idea. You will be given full credit for your additions, but of course they too will then become part of the "public domain".

(Isn't that a nice phrase? Whenever I think of the "public domain" I visualize national parks and wildlife preserves and libraries and museums and cathedrals.)

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